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Our Vision

Jet Zero Australia believes that the world is in a key moment of change and Australia should change with it, and benefit from it.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of the emission reduction revolution, veritably described as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, in a way that generates the greatest possible benefits for Australians.

We believe strongly that by doing right by the planet, we can also do right by local communities and industry.

Designing for change means being agile, resourceful, and grounded in the present. We must continually strive to adapt, repurpose, and meet the needs of a changing world.

At Jet Zero we are embracing the demands the moment provides, transforming uncertainty into action, and seizing the chance to build better, and ultimately, power the future that a modern aviation industry demands.

An opportunity to do things better

With the aviation industry a leading contributor to excess CO2 in our atmosphere, the need for innovation and new technology is greater now more than ever.

Australians are the second biggest emitters of carbon on regional aircraft travel in the world, so when it comes to driving this change, there’s no denying the role we have to play.

Confronting this challenge, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is the best option to reduce long haul Aviation emissions, being proven, reliable, and ready for use now.


Energy Density of
Advanced Batteries


Energy Density of Liquid
Hydrogen at -253 Degrees

Average Reduction in
Aircraft Carbon Emissions


Flights Have Used SAF

Transforming and Accelerating
Innovation in Aviation


Market Capitalisation of
the ASX200 Covered by
Net Zero Commitments

500 ML

2030 Committed SAF Demand
from Qantas

449 BL

2050 Forecast SAF Demand Globally


Capital Allocated by Qantas & Airbus to Develop Australian SAF
Certified On All Engine Types up to a 50% Blend
Requires No Engine Modifications or New Airport Infrastructure