Jet Zero is committed to minimizing our carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy sources at our plant. We will act responsibly to ensure efficiency in waste disposal, water management, and good air quality. We are mindful to partner with supply chain operators that share our vision for decarbonisation and undertake steps to minimize negative effects to our environment in their processes. We aim to create value at each touch point of our supply chain to ensure efficiency in operations are equating to our goal of minimizing negative effects to our environment.


Jet Zero has a commitment to operate in society with a social licence. This means we take the role we play in our communities seriously and we aim to have a positive and beneficial impact across the lives of those we impact. We will, over time, build trust and credibility with our key stakeholders by being legally compliant, ethically responsible, and contributing to sustainable development, including the health and welfare of society.


Jet Zero is a values based organization that is committed to operating with a high standard of business integrity and ethics. In order for Jet Zero to preserve and create value, the board will closely monitor the implementation of our policies and ensure we are compliant with all relevant laws in the areas in which we operate. The board will oversee and ensure that Jet Zero operates as a responsible corporate citizen.