Jet Zero Australia and Trovio Partner to Establish the Australian Framework for a ‘Book and Claim’ Registry for Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Renewable Diesel

Today, Jet Zero Australia Pty Ltd (Jet Zero Australia) and Trovio Operating Pty Ltd (Trovio) announce that they have entered a strategic partnership to design and develop the ‘Book and Claim’ Registry for Australian Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Renewable Diesel (RD).

The Registry will support the capture and retention of provenance data throughout the supply chain to meet the required standards for the issuance and retirement of SAF credits (SAFc) and SAF End-User Reduction credits (SERc).

The platform and functional design will be powered by Trovio’s advanced technology CorTenX, which was also selected by the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER) for a new unit & certificate Register for the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU). 

CorTenX is a purpose-built Environmental Registry Solution. The platform is built API first, allowing for seamless integration with relevant external stakeholders including exchanges and other venues.

The register is targeting to be live with a fully operational and integrated platform for the creation, issuance, data retention and transacting of SERc and SAFc credits prior to the completion of Jet Zero Australia’s first SAF project, Project Ulysses in North Queensland.

About Trovio Group

Trovio delivers trusted solutions, providing auditable, transparent, connected and secure technology infrastructure for environmental markets and data-enriched commodities. Trovio works with governments, not-for-profits, large corporate institutions, providing the required technology architecture to accelerate the energy transition.

Trovio’s CorTenX proprietary technology allows institutions to manage the unique attributes of non-fungible environmental assets and data rich commodities. Visit for more information.

About Jet Zero Australia

Jet Zero Australia is an Australian biofuel company with biofuel, engineering and project execution capabilities and an advanced Alcohol to Jet (ATJ) SAF project in North Queensland called Project Ulysses. It is supported by Airbus, Qantas, Idemitsu and the Queensland Government and focussed on the production of SAF to decarbonise the aviation sector. Visit for more information.

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